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Plant Medicine School at INKAN KENA

Ayahuasca Foundation Inkan Kena plant medicine school Ayahuasca Initiation Courses led by authentic Shipibo curanderos in Iquitos PeruOur plant medicine school was built after three years of running this unique program. It is specifically designed for students to study ayahuasca and Shipibo curanderismo, constructed and owned by don Enrique, who teaches the courses. The Inkan Kena school is the perfect place to study the healing tradition in the Amazon Rainforest. Getting there from Iquitos takes two and a half hours, including a 45 minute hike deep into the jungle. Medicinal jungle plants surround the school, and don Enrique continues to plant more. This reduces trips to town to acquire medicinal plants and deepens the relationships made during plant dietas. We prepare ayahuasca, plant baths, vapor baths, or medicinal remedies, on site to strengthen the connection to the plants. There are also very rare and special teacher plants growing nearby that students visit often.


The plant medicine school features individual rooms for the students, plus private huts for staff and longer diets. Some rooms and huts are closer to the ceremony maloca than others, and other buildings like the vapor bath hut, the dining room and kitchen. The camp has running water and a small solar system that provides lights in the rooms. The Inkan Kena School for Plant Medicine is an authentic jungle camp away from the hustle and noise of modern life.  We designed it specifically for students studying to be curanderos.
Inkan Kena has tremendous energy due to the high volume of plant diets being done there. It is more rustic than the our other centers. You will feel an amazing connection with the plants instantly upon arrival. Inkan Kena is a place for deep immersion into the world of spirit plant healing. It is not for vacations. Students understand that the camp and the entire experience during courses is authentic to the indigenous tradition being taught. This is as real a place as it gets.

We offer extended training courses in Curanderismo at the Inkan Kena Plant Medicine School.
Find more information with details of our 8-week Curandero Initiation Course. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for authentic study of Shipibo traditional healing.

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