plant medicine

There is usually some anxiety prior to drinking, as we never know how things will go. It can also be exciting for the same reason. When the brew actually does reach our lips, it has a peculiar flavor and can often burn a bit as it goes down. That burning sensation can then be felt spreading throughout the body. Often times it is subtle, but due to the combination of anxiety and excitement we are often more aware of sensations. We most likely will notice that we have begun to sweat, and there will be an unusual sensation in the stomach that is neither painful nor pleasant. The burning and sweating will subside, or at least become less noticeable, but the feeling in the stomach will most likely persist. Minutes pass by rather normally before the actual effects of the ayahuasca, rather than the effects of our own reaction to drinking, begin to change our perceptions.

Our thoughts often become more rapid and somewhat scattered, with more than one line of thinking taking place at the same time, but not in a panicked way, just like hearing two or three people speaking at the same time. Our heart rate gets a bit faster too (it might not be a good idea to drink ayahuasca if you have any heart problems) and tingling feelings become perceptible on the interior of different parts of our body, including our head. It is not uncommon to hear an electric hum as our brain activity increases along with our sensory abilities, most especially our hearing. As our eyesight becomes more sensitive, allowing us to see beyond the normally visible spectrum, we begin to see colors and flashes of light. These colors take form into patterns as our consciousness slips into what could be described as a trance state. It is during this state that the majority of the experience takes place.

The passing of consciousness into a different state can be accompanied by very unusual sensations, including nausea or physical discomfort, but usually pass as the trance state becomes more established. However, it is not uncommon to vomit at this time. Being unaccustomed to the sensation, our bodies react in different ways. Vomiting does not immediately stop the sensations, but they will diminish more quickly than if you don’t vomit. The peak of the trance will often be accompanied by strong visions, meaning that beyond just patterns there will be dreamlike sequences or recognizable entities, spirits, that may even interact directly with us. Our thoughts may seem much clearer, realizing important information and ways to achieve our goals or find satisfaction in life. We may observe that voices of spirits are telling us this information or showing it to us in visions. After the peak, the visions begin to fade and are usually replaced by pleasant emotions and physical fatigue. Our mind continues to remain connected to spirit even after the visions subside, although it is more subtle. Usually, we sleep very well after an ayahuasca ceremony, once we calm down from reviewing all that happened during the experience.
Now for the exceptions…

Each mind-body connection works differently from another, so while the above scenario might be a typical response to drinking ayahuasca, there are many atypical responses as well. The most common atypical response is to not have any sensation at all, as if the brew were merely an unpleasant drink with no effect. That may be the case but what is more likely is that your natural defenses denied the effect, preventing the ayahuasca from working. Our fear, anxiety, or mind set can have a tremendous power over what we do and don’t perceive and sense. On the other end of the spectrum, the visions could be overwhelming and incapacitating, causing many sessions of vomiting and uncontrolled emotions. I’m sure some people reading this would disagree and say, ‘that is not what happened when I drank.’ Like I said, it is not easy to describe. Really, the entire spectrum of experiences is possible from crying the whole time in fear to smiling the whole time in joy. So, am I saying that it could be a wonderful experience, a terrible experience, or no experience at all? Well…. Yes. That’s just the way it is. But there are a few things that could improve the odds of it being wonderful.

Love is the highest vibration, so when you drink the brew and are waiting for the effects, start to think about all the people that you love, all the things you love to do, places you love to visit, etc. Say thank you to those people, to the Earth, to the plants and animals, realize and show your appreciation for the miracle of life. Basically, put yourself in the most positive and pleasing mindset possible before the effects set in.

Know that it will help you, that the guide will protect you, that you will be healed, that you will find the answers you seek. The more faith the better. Having faith is the best way of summing up the right attitude and mindset to drink ayahuasca. Be confident knowing that the spirits will do what’s best for you, that God will show you the way, that everything is meant to be, that it’s all good.

Fear is a very low vibration and also contradicts faith. I have heard the phrase ‘I’m a god fearing man’ as a way of saying that someone is good but I definitely don’t agree. I don’t fear my parents. On the contrary, I love them. And I love God. So, keep fear out of your experience. Even if you have visions of things that might be frightening, be strong and know that you will prevail. You are divine. Divine beings have no fear. Divine beings are made of love. We are all divine. We are made of love.