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Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews

Ayahuasca retreat reviews from previous program participants are a great way to learn about our programs.  We know you will enjoy hearing about the valuable and transformative experiences.

Video Testimonials from Previous Program Participants

Participants discuss their experiences in ayahuasca program reviews from the two week retreats

The retreat was absolutely immense. I feel a bit teary thinking about it, actually, because it changed my life so deeply that I know I can be an even better person than I was before. It changed my life in a way that I understand more about diet, nutrition, exercise, meditation, the list is endless what I’ve learned on this retreat. Sorry to get a bit teary, but I just think everyone should do it. It would be the highly recommended thing that I’ve ever done in my life, and I’ve done a lot of mad things, but this has been the most enjoyable.

- Terri

The participants, the staff, the facilitators, the curandero all just bring so much to the experience and I know that without them, although the ayahuasca experience itself is fantastic, it would be much less full without them… it’s just magical. I don’t know what else to say. This retreat was definitely the best of the three that I’ve had. They keep improving and growing and blossoming each time I come and I look forward to returning again and again and again.

- Dave

The retreat was amazing and it was really difficult, but the rewards were so much more thorough. You have to work for it. It doesn’t just come to you. It’s not a magic pill. I think a lot of us want a magic pill to make everything just kinda go away and be better, but ayahuasca really makes you look at yourself, but in a way that’s not overwhelming. You can get past it. If you can just stick with it, you can get past it. I realized that healing doesn’t happen without feeling paid, and I think so much of our culture wants to get away from that and just doesn’t want to feel the pain at all, but through this retreat I’ve realized that you have to go through that process to come out the other side and actually, actually heal.

- Beth

My experience on this retreat the last two weeks has been life changing, I mean, really just incredible. I came down with a lot of intentions and hopes of what I wanted to work on here, but really no expectations. I kinda came to find out what would happen and it’s just far surpassed anything I could have expected. I feel like a completely different person. I feel like I got exactly what I needed. It’s like a deep level of healing that I knew I couldn’t get to on my own. It was work at times. I really had to surrender to the process and accept it and trust that ayahuasca and everything I was doing here was all working towards my greater good. And it absolutely did.

- Colin

I came down here because I’ve been struggling with a heroin addiction for the past couple years. It was kind of a last resort for me. It was either this or not a good alternative, and this shit changed my life. It was amazing. It was so inspiring and incredible to feel just the pure peacefulness and happiness of my surroundings and everything. Just to be able to sit with myself and not feel like I want to alter my mind.

- Lauren

What’s happened here is healing on such a deep level that I feel completely balanced within my mind, no depression, no mania, whatsoever. Even those concepts of the labels and the identity that surrounds them doesn’t really exist anymore. I feel fantastic. I feel content. I think the big thing with the so-called depression would be that I would have this constant lack of motivation and drive, which is just not there anymore. I can’t wait to get back home and to start to implement some of these changes.

- Bradley

I’ve had a great experience with the people with our fantastic facilitators.  The ceremonies are interesting and they’re hard sometimes.  I’m so looking forward to seeing how all the lessons and the integration will manifest in my life when I get back to reality.  It’s a beautiful place with a beautiful group of people… The camp is cool, I mean, It’s beautiful.  It’s in the middle of nature.  It’s not a five star resort.  It’s somewhat rustic but the beds are comfortable the showers are good pressure.  They keep it clean.  The food is actually really good.

- Jessica

The retreat was amazing. The retreat was amazing. It was almost too comfortable. The living quarters were perfect. It’s like living at a resort for three weeks. You got the beautiful jungle around you and you’re free to explore if you want to go on hikes, you got the river to bathe in and swim in, you got the community to meet new friends, they take you fishing, they hang out with you. The food is amazing… I was in awe of seeing not just me change and me get healed, but everyone else have a major moment… it was just amazing… I literally feel in my soul that I’ve been healed.

- Marco

We were twelve people on this retreat and we all had a relationship like a family.  It was really nice.  We all were together in it and the days just went by.  It’s really been amazing.  I’m very surprised how well it’s been organized like all the things we had to do, like having a days rest before each ceremony of ayahuasca to really ground and reflect on what happened the last time, just everything.

- Malou

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