Ayahuasca Foundation Ayahuasca Retreats led by authentic Shipibo curanderos in Iquitos Peru

How we work with plant medicine

ayahuasca foundation our philosophyThe Ayahuasca Foundation is a collaboration between indigenous maestros and maestras who have dedicated their lives to the practice of medicine within their ancestral tradition and humble students from around the world who were called to the Amazon in order to learn the sacred tradition of curanderismo and to help it spread and benefit more and more people on the planet. Together, we hold the utmost respect for generations upon generations of curanderos who developed the immense science of rain forest plant medicine. We also respect the traditions from other parts of the world and feel that just as the indigenous traditions have expanded through the sharing of new discoveries between families and tribes, the tradition is now expanding by the same means, only now it’s between cultures from around the world.

At the roots of our practice is the Shipibo tradition, and we are all students of this tradition, but the tradition has many branches, and new branches are growing thanks to this recent collaboration. We are devoted to the accurate understanding and presentation of the ancestral tradition, which has evolved and developed in the Amazon region for thousands of years, but the translation of the this tradition into other languages and cultures has its challenges. Bridges must be built, concepts created, pathways discovered, to enable people from outside the region and culture to understand and benefit from the wisdom and power of curanderismo.

We are always striving to deepen our own understanding and develop our philosophy.  We’re always working to improve our methods of expressing that understanding and development. Like all science, the path of a curandero is a path of curiosity, imagination, and discovery. We feel blessed to be on this path and our dedication to moving forward is tremendous.