plant medicine

The Ayahuasca Foundation currently works with four curanderos from one family. This family is the culmination of numerous multi-generational lines of healers combining through marriage, each time expanding awareness and increasing knowledge, evolving into deeper and more vast medicinal traditions. For example, two powerful family lineages joined forces when don Enrique partnered with doña Wilma, as they both came from separate, multi-generational lines of healers. Don Enrique’s father and siblings benefited from the opportunity to learn from doña Wilma, and doña Wilma’s father and siblings benefited as well.

Now, a new tradition has been developed, as knowledge and wisdom, concepts and practices, and a deeper understanding have led to a further evolution of a Shipibo plant spirit healing tradition. Don Enrique and doña Wilma have children who will learn a single, incredibly powerful tradition, and will most likely combine it with their partners as well. This is one way the science of plant medicine evolves, through collaboration.

The other way that science evolves is through continuing where the previous generation left off. In order to do that, the previous generation must teach the current generation everything possible. Don Enrique and his family see this process in an even larger view, a global vision. Not only does he feel the importance of teaching his children everything he knows, but he also feels he must share what he knows with all his students, from all over the world. The more people who know what he knows, the more this powerful wisdom will spread. The more the wisdom of healing spreads in the world, the more people who will be healed, the faster we will regain balance within the human race, and on our planet.