ayahuasca foundation supports one million acres

Attending a Retreat Helps Support the Amazon

The Ayahuasca Foundation purchases a One Million Acres bracelet for every retreat participant. Every OMA bracelet not only protects and restores critically endangered rainforests, but also creates opportunities for indigenous artisans to continue to serve as stewards for the land. What many people don’t realize is that the indigenous communities that live in the Amazon region are often forced to accept meager payments from large extractive companies in exchange for their land, or even worse, resort to resource extraction themselves, simply because there are no economic alternatives to support their families with. By creating new job opportunities for our artisan partners, we’re able to provide alternatives to deforestation through projects that actually champion conservation and┬áregeneration of the land.

One Million Acres preserves the Amazon rainforestOne Acre Protected

It all starts with conservation, which is why every bracelet sold funds the protection of an entire ACRE of endangered rainforest through OMA’s conservation partner Rainforest Trust, one of the highest rated organizations in the protection of tropical ecosystems worldwide. Once the acres of land have been purchased, the locals are empowered through education and jobs to insure the areas remain protected indefinitely.

One Million Acres plants treesOne Tree Planted

In addition to the acre protected, OMA also funds the planting of a tree in areas that have already been impacted by deforestation through their reforestation partner One Tree Planted. All trees used in this reforestation projects are carefully and strategically planned to insure that they are always native to the areas they’re being planted in.

One Million Acres provides jobsOne Job Created

Empowering indigenous communities with economic opportunities has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to combat deforestation, which is why OMA focuses on creating fair-trade reliable jobs for their indigenous artisan partners. OMA’s project has even been vetted by the World Fair Trade Organization to insure equity and transparency.

Learn More about One Million Acres

Visit the OMA website to learn more about their mission to protect one million acres of endangered rainforest while empowering indigenous artisan communities to rise out of poverty.

One Million Acres