Ayahuasca Foundation Mishana community Ayahuasca Retreats led by authentic Shipibo curanderos in Iquitos Peru

The Ayahuasca Foundation works with many more people who are not members of our staff in order to make our programs run smoothly, and these helping friends deserve some appreciation as well. In addition to the local staff that maintain each camp and who are listed in the retreat and course pages, we feel it is important to mention a number of other people and organizations that have developed close working relationships with the Ayahuasca Foundation. All of our programs begin at the Iquitos airport, where participants are met by AF staff and accompanied into town.

Airport Staff: Raul and the airport staff facilitate meeting participants and assisting with their luggage.
Transporation: Taxi drivers bring the participants safely to their first destination, the hotel.
Hotel La Casona: Fabiola, Vicente, Daniela, and Iris provide top notch service at the hotel to ensure that every participant is comfortable.
Dawn on the Amazon: Marmalita, Migrys, Lucero and the amazing staff are always lending a helping hand and friendly smile to participants who arrive early, and provide high quality meals that are perfect for preparing for a retreat or course.
Yellow Rose of Texas: Gerald and his team provide a private space and good food for the groups’ dinner together on the first night.
Huasai: Roberto, Shelby and his kind staff take good care of participants for the first meal back upon returning from the jungle.
Maria’s Cafe: Maria, Jorge and her staff make the last meal of each program pleasant and satisfying.
The Bus: Beto and his staff provide transportation services to and from the jungle, loading and unloading luggage and sometimes navigating challenging circumstances due to weather or unforeseen events.

Also worth mentioning is the select group of people that help provide the food and medicinal plants at the Belen market. Over the years, we have formed friendships with all of these people, trust has been built, and those relationships have enhanced the behind-the-scenes aspects of the Ayahuasca Foundation. We are so thankful for the friends we have and truly appreciate all the help they provide.