Life on the Moon of Jupiter

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From 2004 to 2008 I lived with a curandero named don Juan on the outskirts of Iquitos, Peru. I studied with him and together we set up the Ayahuasca Healing Retreat program and the Ayahuasca Initiation Course. During my time with him we talked about many different topics surrounding curanderismo, the sacred science of plant spirit medicine. One of the first things we spoke about was extraterrestrials. This was due to a UFO sighting I had during my very first ceremony with him.

I had gone outside to vomit and found myself staring up at the sky, watching a vibrating display of colored designs dance through the night air. While I looked up with my mouth open, in awe of the amazing movement of energy above me, a UFO gently glided above don Juan’s house. I could not believe my eyes. It was not like the psychedelic patterns, it was as real as the trees that encircled me, real as the house or my hand. I watched as it quietly hovered above me. It was spherical but in a flattened way and rather small. It looked like it could only hold three or four people, or beings. It had violet lights around its outer edge that seemed to be spinning. I could not stop looking at it.

Then, another space ship came into view, about the same size as the first. It was identical to the other one, and the two ships seemed to just float in the air above me, at a height that I guessed to be only a few hundred feet up. While I was incredibly excited, I was not afraid, and was actually quite calm. I think I was in shock. This was my first ceremony with don Juan and I had already seen many powerful visions. I had been having trouble deciding what was a vision and what was ‘real.’ Now, standing there in front of the house, from where beautiful songs poured out, I could not wonder about the reality of these ships. They were definitely up there and not in my head.

I did not think anything about them. No thoughts went through my head at all. I just stood frozen below them, staring up at the most incredible sight of my life. I was actually looking at two alien space ships. They seemed to be aware of me, as well, for they hovered above me. I didn’t move. I just looked. They moved back and forth like a kite on a long string, swaying with the breeze. They were beautiful. What was probably only a few minutes seemed like a lifetime. With the singing of don Juan as my soundtrack, I was in a near enlightened state. My beliefs about aliens had crystallized into truths that I could never deny. This was really happening. It was real.

Then, the most unbelievable thing happened, as if it could get any crazier. Another spaceship flew in above the other two, only this one did not resemble the others. It was a similar shape but this space craft was enormous. It nearly filled the entire sky above my head. I would say that it was at least 1,000 feet in diameter, and could’ve held hundreds of people inside it. I nearly fell over backward trying to see it all. I was breathless with awe. I think I may have been drooling from having my mouth open for so long. I watched as it slowly hovered above the others. Then, I actually had a thought, the first thought in a long time. I was scared.

I don’t know why, but I became frightened and decided that I should go inside. I walked back into the darkness of the ceremony and found my seat. After don Juan’s icaro, I told him that I had seen a UFO outside. He then promptly answered, “Did you see the big one?”

I said I had and he replied that he didn’t think they would be back so soon. I was so surprised and excited to hear such a strong confirmation of what I’d seen. We began a discussion about extraterrestrials. He explained that they were called the solar fathers and that they lived on the moon of Jupiter. He described their appearance and how they were here to help us and often worked with him to provide diagnosis and healing assistance. He said they existed in a different dimension where time passed much more slowly; giving the example that one year in our time was like one day in theirs. His comments had given me a lot to think about, but most importantly they gave me the confidence to believe in what I saw.

After four years with don Juan, I moved out and moved on. I had learned a tremendous amount and would forever be grateful for his help and guidance, but it was time for me to change the course of my path. I began working with a curandera named dona Othelia who knew the plants and their medicinal properties better than anyone I had ever met. A short time after studying with her, I came up with the idea for the Ayahuasca Foundation and put on the first Curandero Seminar a month later.

As part of the Curandero Seminar, I did a series of online interviews with the curanderos who would be participating in the Seminar. I interviewed dona Othelia out at her jungle camp. One of my questions was about extraterrestrials.

“Do you work with extraterrestrials?” I asked.

“Si, Claro.” She then said that since a child she had been in contact with an extraterrestrial who called himself the king of Ganymedes. I had never heard the word and simply took it to be an alien world. She described her relationship with this being and said that UFOs often come during her ceremonies, but that in reality they are always there, it’s just that we can’t see them without the help of ayahuasca. She, like don Juan, said that these beings were here to help us and often guided her in her work as a healer.

A week later, I interview don Pedro, a very knowledgeable curandero from Pucallpa who had recently moved to Iquitos. When I asked him if he worked with extraterrestrials I was shocked to hear his answer.

“Si, de Ganymedes.” He actually said that he worked with beings from Ganymades, just like dona Othelia. I couldn’t believe my ears and asked him to repeat what he’d said. Sure enough, it was Ganymedes. I still didn’t know what or where that was, but either way, it was some sort of strange confirmation for dona Othelia’s statement. Here were two Peruvian curanderos that lived hundreds of miles from each other and knew nothing of each other saying they were both in contact with beings from Ganymedes. I was so enthusiastic to find out more about this, but how could I find out more?

In a bizarre coincidence, a few days after the don Pedro interview I ran into a stranger on the Boulevard, walking along the edge of the Amazon River. He came up and talked to me, which seemed nice enough, but I was definitely skeptical. Many people come up to me because I’m a gringo and almost always they want something from me. This man simply wanted to talk. He seemed excited to talk to me for some reason and then, in Spanish, asked me a very unusual question.

“Do you know that there is alien life in this solar system?”

I said that I knew there were intelligent beings out there.
He quickly responded by asking, “Do you know where?”

“Where?” I replied.


I couldn’t believe me ears. Had he really just said that?

Then, he solved the riddle that had caused me so much enthusiasm in the last few days.

He said, “The moon of Jupiter!”

The man then went on to tell me that he was a member of an astronomical club founded by a man who could channel an extraterrestrial. It was through this man, named Sexto Paz, that the knowledge of life on Ganymedes had come to be. He gave me a website for more information and I thanked him profusely. I still could not believe that out of the blue this man approached me to tell me such unbelievable information.
I had now heard about life on Ganymedes from three different people in less than two weeks. Two of the people were curanderos and the other was a member of an astrological club. Thanks to the third man, I was now able to connect the curanderos to my maestro, don Juan, who had simply called the alien’s home the moon of Jupiter. I felt like I was truly on to something, some sort of irrefutable discovery that would blow the minds of many people, as it had blown mine.

I went on the internet and read more about Ganymedes, which was actually the name of the moon of Jupiter. Well, it was Ganymede, but it was close enough. I looked at pictures of the moon, which is actually larger than the planet mercury, and the largest moon in our solar system. The pictures resembled pictures of earth in some ways. It really did look like it could sustain life. I was amazed.

I wrote to my father and told him about what had happened. He had many friends at NASA, so I asked him to ask around about life on Ganymede. He wrote back to tell me that a scientist from NASA believed strongly in life on this moon of Jupiter, as it had oceans of water and magnetic poles. Apparently, NASA has been keeping a lot of information from the public, information that the curanderos of the Amazon Rainforest all seem to know already.

Is there life out there? I would have to say, unequivocally, yes. And it’s not far away…

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