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is much more than just a religious non-profit organization, it’s a movement to reconnect humankind to our mother Earth. Just as we are made of trillions of individual cells collaborating with a variety of microorganisms and bacteria, the Earth is made of a much greater number of individual beings in collaboration. We are part of the Earth. While we may feel more like the bacteria or microorganism than the individual cell, we play an important role in the health of the planet. Returning to ancestral wisdom is central to the path of regaining balance and wholeness in our communities and environment.

Our ancestors lived for tens of thousands of years in harmony with the Earth and all the living beings that comprise her. The life, wisdom, and power of the Earth is simply unfathomable to the infinitesimal intellect of the human being. But we are capable of understanding and trusting the profound depth of the Earth’s intelligence.

This is the goal of the Ayahuasca Ministry, to expand our faith in the Earth so that our own lives are reflections of that faith, guided by the wisdom of the Earth. We honor nature, our own embodiment of nature, and the entirety of natural life on Earth.

Just as a human cell is made of trillions of atoms, and we are made of trillions of cells, the Earth is made of countless beings, as well, but the Earth herself is but a tiny speck in the galaxy. Like an electron orbiting the nucleus sun of a single atom, the Earth is merely a part of one of the trillions cells in the body of the universe. The intelligence and power of the Universe is so far beyond our capacity for understanding we can’t even imagine it. We can only put our faith in our connection and communication with this truly amazing being that has been known in every ancestral culture by many names, of which one is GOD. As we commune with nature, with the plants, animals, and elements, we commune with God. As we consume natural foods, breath natural air, drink natural water, use natural plant remedies, we connect with the Earth and with God.

Ayahuasca Ministry Celebration of LifeAyahuasca Ministry views nature as a constant celebration of gratitude and joy. As human components of nature, we can share in this celebration. Sometimes to celebrate we gather with others to share our joy, laughter, and love. Sometimes to celebrate we spend time with trees and plants, marveling at the beauty and mystery that is life. We see the magic of nature in every leaf, every ant. We feel the energy of nature in the breeze and the warmth of the sun on our skin. There are countless and endless opportunities for each of us to celebrate the majesty of nature, the beauty of the Earth, and the magic of our own lives.