Alternatives to Western Medicine

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I had doctors telling me for years that I had Celiac’s, years and years ‘this is never gonna go away.  This is your life for the rest of your life.’ I just encourage anyone out there whose been told that they have a disease that cannot be changed, that will not change, that is impossible to change because it’s in your DNA.  First off, the doctors might have it wrong, they might have named your disease the wrong thing.  And then secondly, even if they’ve got it right, they don’t know everything, and when I got down here don Enrique, three days, three days he had me eating bread with no reaction.  I mean, this was the kinda thing if I ate bread I would enter a state of psychosis, not just I would feel yucky, not just my body would hurt.  I would literally go crazy.  It’s a hard thing to relate to, going crazy, but I hope there’s more and more crazy people out there that have the will to get better, the will to go on and find someone out there who believes they can be sane again, who can get in their body, that it can be a safe place to be.  For me, it’s this tradition, these plants, these spirits, and the love.  That’s the biggest word down here I think that you really get to learn about.  Love from beings outside your body, love from beings in bodies just like your body… I could go on and on for hours and hours about the magic that I’ve experienced down here but the one message that I’ve taken back from this and I really want to share with the world is just Don’t Ever Give Up.  No matter how sick you are you, no matter how close to death’s door you feel, there are places out there and this place is one of those places where there are individuals who believe that you can get better and that’s the first step, is having individuals around you that believe you can get better and that you will get better.  Don Enrique knows how to make people get better.

- Grangie