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Chamisal Education and Retreat Center

The Ayahuasca Foundation has its own jungle camp, an education and retreat center located deep within the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve. Getting there takes about 2 hours and requires a gorgeous one-hour boat ride up the Nanay river, a tributary of the Amazon. With hundreds of miles of virgin protected land, the camp is secluded in the heart of the jungle and is peaceful and quiet. The Mishana community lives nearby in a jungle village that was established in 1924. The village has clean drinking water thanks to a 45 ft. deep cistern and pump. The Foundation Camp has running water from its own clean well, but drinking water is provided by the village, as well as local fish and produce.

The camp can accommodate a total of 12 people in six rooms, each with two beds and its own bathroom. The bathrooms are fully tiled and have sinks, flushing toilets, and showers, as well as the amenities of home. The rooms have locking doors and screened windows and contain two beds, a table and chair, and shelves for storing clothes and personal items. Each room also has its own balcony that connects to a shared walkway connecting all the rooms, the kitchen, the living and dining area, hammock hut, star gazing deck, and ceremony space.

The ceremony space, called the maloca, is fully screened and has two bathrooms.  It is always open for lectures or workshops, yoga and meditation, reading, journaling, or just lounging.  It’s a beautiful space surrounded by the forest.  Ayahuasca vines grow within feet of the maloca so that during ayahuasca ceremonies the energy of the vines, as well as all the other medicinal plants growing around the camp, can enter the ceremony space easily and directly contribute to the healing experience.  In addition to the participant rooms and maloca are the kitchen, dining room, facilitators room, two additional bathrooms, hammock hut, cooking and treatment hut, and a star gazing deck. The camp is a short walk from the nearby river, a great place to have a swim or watch the water drift by. It is truly a paradise.

Retreat Center Amenities

  • Located in the heart of the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve
  • Close to the bank of the gorgeous Nanay river, perfect for swimming
  • White sand beaches with therapeutic clay along the river
  • A short distance from the Mishana community who have lived there for 90 years
  • A new botanical garden just steps away from the center hosts numerous plants
  • Very few mosquitoes due to the soil content of the nearby river
  • Rooms are fully screened in and so well made that no mosquito nets are needed
  • Rooms have beds, desks, chairs, night stands, and shelves for storing clothes
  • Solar panels provide electricity for lights and outlets in the rooms
  • Each room has its own private, en suite bathroom with running water
  • Bathrooms are fully tiled with sinks, flushing toilets, and showers
  • Raised floors with bridges connect all the areas of the center
  • Living/Dining area with couches and a library of books and games
  • Hammock hut with hammocks for reading and relaxing
  • Star gazing deck for watching the amazing display of stars each night
  • Rooms are cleaned every other day
  • Laundry is done every four or five days

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Programs offered at the Chamisal Retreat Center:

2 Week Ayahuasca Retreat: $1,750

Chamisal Retreat Center
6 Ayahuasca ceremonies
15 Additional treatments
Meditation, yoga, massage

3 Week Ayahuasca Retreat: $2,550

Chamisal Retreat Center
9 Ayahuasca ceremonies
21 Additional treatments
Meditation, yoga, massage