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Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru for Two Weeks


ayahuasca retreat in peruAyahuasca retreat in Peru for 2 weeks – this program provides a chance to turn the corner on life’s path and begin to head in a new direction. Retreat participants spend a total of 12 days at the Ayahuasca Foundation’s Riosbo Retreat Center (plus 2 days in Iquitos) and attend 6 ayahuasca ceremonies led by the Shipibo curandero and the assistant healers. In addition to the ayahuasca ceremonies, participants also receive a wide variety of plant treatments that cleanse the mind, body, and spirit, as well as remedies specific to their afflictions.

This ayahuasca retreat is not just for healing physical, mental, and emotional problems, it is also a great way to explore the self and understand the true nature of reality. The Shipibo plant medicine tradition employed during this retreat allows participants to take greater control of their lives, their thoughts, their actions, and their overall health. The unique qualities of the ayahuasca ceremonies provide participants with the opportunity to play an active role in the healing process, confronting their negativity, past traumas, or possible roots of their illnesses. The plant treatments further enhance this process, working to boost the immune system, balance the digestive system, purify the nervous system, cleanse the circulatory system, and heal the emotional body. The treatment addresses every level of existence and allows participants to personally realize the path to their health and happiness.

Further counseling is provided after the retreat to assist with the challenges of integration upon return. During the retreats, participants receive medicinal plant remedies, purgatives, baths in plant preparations, vapor baths, smoke baths, massage therapy, inhalants, and counseling, in addition to the ceremonies. The assistant healers explain each aspect of the healing process so that participants understand how they can better take part in their own healing. The ayahuasca ceremonies provide the ultimate opportunity to do just that, as well as give the curandero the assistance of the plant spirits, angels and saints, and God. Ultimately, it is not the curandero who heals, it is the motivating principle within all life, or God, working through the healer, the plants, and the spirit.

Additional Offerings

Ayahuasca Foundation ayahuasca retreats and courses in peru additional activitiesIn addition to the healing work, every retreat participant will also have the opportunity to learn about the science of healing being used by the curandero during their stay. Participants will take part in several workshops demonstrating the various techniques and methods of using medicinal plants to treat illnesses. Not only will the healing take place, but also a great deal of education in the indigenous healing traditions of the Amazon Rainforest. By teaching the tradition during the treatment, the treatment is enhanced, and the knowledge will be a great aid to each participant when returning home. The Assistant Healers will also lead additional activities like yoga, meditation, sharing circles, therapy workshops, and fun games.  These complementary practices help to enhance the power and healing potential of the ayahuasca and plant medicine tradition.

After twelve days in the jungle, six ayahuasca ceremonies, and a variety of healing remedies and treatments, participants return to Iquitos with a new lease on life, having turned the corner on their problems and found the path leading to their complete health and happiness. It may take more time to achieve this, so more medicine will be available to bring back home and continue treatment, if necessary. Once participants return to Iquitos, they will have time to decompress and process their experiences in the jungle, and to enjoy the beauty and culture of the Amazon Rainforest. Our staff will assist with travel plans, shopping trips, advice, and anything else we can provide to make the experience more beneficial.  We continue to stay in contact with all of our retreat participants via email and social media to provide further support and guidance after the retreat.

Ayahuasca Retreat Programs at Ayahuasca Foundation


If you are traveling with a friend, family member, or partner, you can each save $350 by sharing a room.  Rooms contain two beds and en suite bathroom. To receive the discount, simply state on your registration forms that you’ll be sharing a room and provide the name of the other person. The discount will be applied to the remainder due after the deposit.

Ayahuasca Retreat Programs at Ayahuasca Foundation

Cost of the Two Week Retreat: US$2250

The $2250 price includes:


Pre-program counseling session with AyaHelp.com
Gain insights into how best to prepare for the experience
Airport pickup
You’ll be met at the Iquitos airport and brought to the hotel
Accommodations for two nights at a hotel in Iquitos
For the first and last nights of the retreat – hotel has wi-fi
2 meals in Iquitos – dinner & lunch
The first night and the last night are spent in Iquitos
Accommodations for 11 nights at the Retreat Center
Screened in rooms with private bathrooms and electricity
Transportation to and from the Retreat Center
Comfortable bus (1hr) and an amazing boat ride (1hr)
At least two meals a day, following a healing diet
Fruit, vegetables, quinoa, lentils, grilled fish, eggs, etc.
Translation of entire program when needed
Assistants also add their own experiences and teachings
Access to the Assistants for counseling/guidance
Assistants will be available throughout the retreat
USB of retreat photos and ceremony recordings
Audio recordings of ceremonies and digital photos
Other gifts and educational items
You’ll receive other gifts and healing tools as well
Post-program counseling session with AyaHelp.com
Enhance the process of integration when you get home


6 traditional Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Led by an indigenous curandero and the AF assistants
Private consultations with the curandero
Translated by the assistant healers
Daily Piñon Colorado brain/blood remedy
Taken three times a day for the duration of the retreat
Sangre de Grado digestive system cleanse
Reset digestive enzymes and enhance nutrient absorption
Vapor Baths with five medicinal plants
Sweat out toxins and replace them with healing medicine
Mucura sinus cleanse
cleanse the sinuses and boost immunity against allergies
Plants Bath
Connect further with the plants and soak in the medicine
Smoke Bath
Increase energetic defenses and protection from negativity
Chiric Sanango nervous system cleanse
Boost the immune system and release emotional blockages
Love Bath
For attracting positive energy, good luck, and love
Any additional treatments
Poultices, medicines, massage, or whatever is needed

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AF Two Week Ayahuasca Retreat Schedule

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An Example Itinerary for this Retreat:

A Daily Schedule of Treatments and Activities in this healing retreat: The content of each retreat is guided by the plant spirits and catered to the specific group of participants in the program. Therefore, it is difficult to provide an accurate timeline or schedule. Below is an example of what took place during a previous healing retreat, to demonstrate the amount and variety of content covered. The dieta is optional.  Choosing to do the dieta will reduce the amount of treatments you receive.

SUNDAY: Arrive and stay in a hotel for one night. Meeting with the other students and facilitators then dinner afterwards.
MONDAY: Go to retreat center and settle in. Have lunch and then a discussion on ceremony procedure. CEREMONY #1
TUESDAY: Digestive system cleanse with Sangre de Grado. Private consultations with the curandero. Remedies begin.
WEDNESDAY: Begin vapor baths.  Talk on intention, navigation, and soplaying with mapacho. CEREMONY #2
THURSDAY: Vapor baths continue. Inhalent treatment with Mucura to cleanse the respiratory system.
FRIDAY: Vapor baths continue. Plant remedies begin. Additional treatments, if needed. CEREMONY #3
SATURDAY: Take a powerful purgative to purify the blood. Vapor baths continue. Plant remedies continue.

SUNDAY: Plant remedies continue.  Smoke baths begin. Workshop to practice the icaro. CEREMONY #4
MONDAY: Smoke baths continue. Chiric Sanango treatment to cleanse the central nervous system.
TUESDAY: Plant remedies continue. Love baths begin. Additional treatments, if needed. CEREMONY #5
WEDNESDAY: Love baths continue. Hike in the jungle and swimming in the river.  Integration workshop.
THURSDAY: Love baths end. Final consultation. Diet closes. CEREMONY #6
FRIDAY: Head back to town and spend the night in Iquitos. Shopping at plant market, souvenirs, etc.
SATURDAY: Meet for breakfast. Receive USBs. Say your goodbyes…



Ayahuasca Retreat Programs at Ayahuasca Foundation

Photos of Past Retreats

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