plant medicine

Video Testimonials from Previous Course Participants

Participants discuss their experiences on the ten week course.

The course was very very good. There’s a lot of learning that happened within learning the ceremonies and being in close quarters with people as well. At first, we were all learning about each other and then you’re just, close quarters, and you end up sort of getting on each other’s nerves, but that’s where the growth comes, that’s where the learning was. It was really good. There was a few people that I felt, specifically, that we had things to work through and when you work those things… you just grow so quickly. It was phenomenal.

- Chase

For me, it’s been a multi-layered journey. There’s been a lot of psychological processing for me, and also a lot of spiritual development. It’s difficult to summarize, but it’s a lot about wholeness to certain degree. For me one of the things that came up was that there were parts of me that weren’t completely in tune. There were parts of me that weren’t developed properly. I went through a process where they just came up naturally, not just in the ceremonies but also during the course with the other participants. It was just being revealed to me, the weaknesses I had, so I just began to regrow parts of myself that hadn’t been grown earlier that should have.

- Mark

I came here with the intentions of learning the songs of the plants. Originally, I had no clue what that was going to involve, and in the past two weeks I’ve realized that I really have learned the songs of the plants. The growth that I have experienced in the literally 16 weeks that I’ve spent in this camp have been phenomenal… I have shed all the traumas that I carried with me and I am eternally grateful to the people that were with me for both courses, they have been my greatest teachers. Learning under don Enrique is an experience that is priceless.

- Johan