Ayahuasca Foundation Ayahuasca Retreats led by authentic Shipibo curanderos in Iquitos Peru

Chamisal Retreat Center Staff


Juana essentially manages the Chamisal Retreat Center. She makes sure the camp’s kitchen is fully stocked with food, arranges for fruits, vegetables, fish, firewood, and anything else from the Mishana community to be purchased and delivered, oversees the laundry, cleaning, and maintenance of the camp.


Pedro mostly handles the supply runs. He makes trips back and forth to Iquitos, making purchases at the market, or bringing AF staff members back and forth for medicinal plant trips. He also does security and sometimes attends ayahuasca ceremonies during the retreats. He’s a remarkable man with a great sense of humor.


Silvia primarily works as a cook or does the cleaning for the camp. A mother of ten children, all born in her simple hut in the Mishana Community, Silvia is a very strong woman. When she’s cooking, her daughter, Iraida, usually hangs out with her, playing with the retreat participants and having fun.


Wagner is the handy man of the Chamisal center. He makes sure any leaks get fixed, attends to the plumbing system when needed, and manages the pump that ensures the camp has running water at all times. He is also the navigator of the fast boat we use to bring participants to and from the center. He is Silvia’s husband.


Roger is an elder in the Mishana community. He basically does security, staying in the camp through the night to ensure that no animals enter and that everyone is safe. He’s a kind and gentle man who knows a lot about the history of the community and the region. He always greets everyone with wave and a smile.


Fernando does security mostly, along with Roger, although he is also the boat driver for the fast boat that brings participants to and from the center. He brings members of the AF staff back and forth with his own boat, as well, sometimes. He’s also a skilled carpenter and helped to build the ceremony maloca.