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Current Research

The research team have a number of projects currently underway at the Riosbo research centre, as well as numerous other splinter projects.  

In August 2020 the team will begin data collection for the second stage of an experiment looking at the effects of ayahuasca on trauma; whilst also looking at related factors like anxiety, depression, mindfulness, chronic pain and more.  

Data for 65 participants has already been collected and is currently being analysed by collaborators in the UK. Preliminary results suggest significant therapeutic effects, as well as increases in general well-being of study participants. DNA samples have also been analysed in the first study ever to look at the epigenetic effects of psychoactives. 

Further information to be announced in coming months – Latest update 13.06.2020

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Previous projects at Riosbo: 


Modulatory effects of ayahuasca on personality structure in a traditional framework – 24 people tested

Results: This study found that 6 ceremonies of ayahuasca caused significant long-term changes in human personality. These changes were deemed to be positive shifts, with decreases in Neuroticism (high levels associated with anxiety, depression OCD etc), significant increases in levels of Agreeableness and a slight increase in how open people are to new experiences.  


A phenomenology of subjectively relevant experiences induced by ayahuasca  – 24 people interviewed 

Results: Using interviews that were carried out the following morning after an ayahuasca ceremony, this project describes the subjective effects of ayahuasca. The study looked at trends and differences in experience between participants and found significant references of reprocessing traumatic events or gaining fresh insight into life dilemmas.  


Synergistic pharmacological interaction of compounds present in ayahuasca – Systematic review

Results: Using a systematic review format (an assessment of the existing literature), this paper investigated how the primary chemicals within the ayahuasca brew interact in the human body. It was determined that further research is required but that the preliminary data suggests additive effect is going on, as well as potential synergy. It is hypothesised that ayahuasca has an antidepressant and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effect in the brain. A number of studies implied that ayahuasca may trigger growth of neural tissue, as well as up-regulating aspects of the serotonin system. 

Ayahuasca Retreat Programs at Ayahuasca Foundation