ayahuasca research center at the mishana community in Peru

The Drug Science Podcast: Ayahuasca

June 9th, 2020

Dr Simon Ruffell (Researcher at Riosbo) and Professor David Nutt (Founder of Drug Science) discuss the 2019 research project, the challenges of working with ayahuasca in its native setting, and the future of psychedelic therapy in this thought provoking conversation.


Breaking Convention – London

August, 2019

Dr Simon Ruffell and Nige Netzband present an overview of their findings on the modulatory effects of ayahuasca on personality structure to a multidisciplinary scientific audience.

#ThankYouPlantMedicine article

A global grassroots movement to raise awareness about the healing power of plant medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapy. Here they follow the work conducted by the research team at our center.

Bridging Traditional & Western Medicine: A Close Look At The First Government-Funded Study Into Ayahuasca


Scholars in Spotlight: The Pearls of Our Sanity 

In this podcast for the University of Greenwich, one of our lead researchers at Riosbo talks about the development of psychotherapies in the age of overwhelming mental health challenges, ponderings on the research and use of ayahuasca for aiding our society, how loneliness and disconnect can consume our humanness and what it would take to have honest conversations in our society regarding the complexity of our emotions.

Ayahuasca Retreat Programs at Ayahuasca Foundation