Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research 2022

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What Is ICPR?

Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research 2022The Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research (ICPR) is Europe’s leading academic conference dedicated to advancing psychedelic research and therapies organised by the OPEN Foundation since 2010. ICPR is a biennial conference focused on high-quality scientific and scholarly research into psychedelics. ICPR 2022 is our fifth event. After our hugely successful online conference in 2020, we are returning to the prestigious Philharmonie Theatre for an in-person event! ICPR will take place in Haarlem (next to Amsterdam) from September 22nd to 24th, 2022.

What To Expect At ICPR 2022

ICPR provides a unique opportunity to get up to speed with the latest findings in psychedelic research. From clinical research and therapeutic paradigms to neuroscience, neurobiology and pharmacology, to consciousness and mysticism research, to anthropology, historical research, philosophy, social science and humanities studies, plus much more… ICPR 2022 aims to bridge and connect these disciplines, and to facilitate an important dialogue between the diverse academic fields and researchers involved in advancing psychedelic research and therapies.

Critical Reflections

Psychedelic research does not take place in a vacuum. We stress the importance of addressing biases and blind spots in psychedelic research, encouraging reflective and critical engagement. We stimulate deep discussions and critical thinking related to real-world issues, such as ethics, current developments in policy and politics, the psychedelic industry boom, and how these relate to broader questions around inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability. We are committed to a constructive discourse that considers ethical standards and research practices in light of their broader implications for society.

Get Together!

After being home-bound for too long, ICPR will provide an opportunity to mingle with the ever-expanding international psychedelic research community. ICPR is an important place to meet top notch researchers, to encounter like-minded individuals, to run into your favourite therapist, and have fun while you learn. ICPR makes it easy to connect with others, share ideas, work together and dream up new projects.

Because no constructive sharing can be done on an empty stomach, a healthy, vegetarian lunch is included every day during the event so you don’t have to leave the venue. No need to rush to get a cup of coffee during breaks, the programme includes ample time for relaxation and stimulating discussions