Ayahuasca Foundation Ayahuasca Retreats led by authentic Shipibo curanderos in Iquitos Peru

Having hosted hundreds of program participants at our centers and witnessed countless incredible healings and transformations, it became clear to us at the Ayahuasca Foundation that the biggest challenge in the healing process was not actually achieving the transformative experience, but rather maintaining those important changes when the program ended and it was time to go back home, back to the environment that most likely contributed to the conditions and afflictions that brought participants to Peru in the first place. People needed a plan to put into practice that would facilitate the integration of the insights, realizations, achievements, and transformations that they experienced as a result of their participation in the program. We began contemplating this important aspect of the process, studying integration methods and practices, talking with each other and past participants about ideas that worked, and we began to develop a greater focus on integration in all of our programs.

More than just maintaining the positive state of health achieved, what we present through various lectures, consultations, and workshops is a way to set a new course, live a new life, and be a new person, the person you always knew you were, who you truly are. We are committed to helping you design an integration plan for the new you and to help you put it into action.