Ayahuasca Ceremony led by authentic Shipibo curanderos in the Shipibo tradition of Peru

The knowledge of spiritual dimensions and beings has been scientifically removed from our belief system. Only through the study of other, much older cultures have we been reminded of what our ancestors knew, that we are all spirits in a dream. The spirit within each of us is capable of much more than we could ever imagine, and by believing in it and learning what it is, who we are, we can begin to expand the boundaries of our true potential, so far as to gain the power to heal ourselves and bring back balance to our environment.

Many afflictions and diseases have roots in the spirit and cannot be healed by treating the physical body. Unfortunately, corporatism has all but ruined the field of medicine, and tactics to increase profits have gotten to the point where the pharmaceutical medicine industry supports the degradation of health, or at the very least, the maintenance of illness, in our society because more sick people means more customers, and more profits. Luckily, the curanderos of the Amazon are not corrupted by the greed that corporatism nurtures. They work for a much greater reward, that no amount of money could afford, for they receive a blessed life, filled with amazing joy and happiness. This joy is due to an intimate spiritual awareness and connection to the spiritual dimensions, to God. Curanderos heal using the love of God, expressed in many ways and in many beings sent to help. The roots of spirit plant medicine are God and the spirits of all beings. What grew from these roots was thousands of years of medicinal plant use by the maestros and maestras of the Amazon Rainforest.

Spiritual ignorance has infected nearly every culture of the world by now, and there are few people left who intimately know the spiritual dimensions and the powers of the human spirit. The movement to retain the ancient wisdom of the spirit is growing quickly but it is a race to gather information about the earth before it is destroyed. The Amazon Rainforest is one of the last places that has not been destroyed… yet. Humans are not the only ones with spirits. Everything has a spirit, and ancient forests contain a spiritual wisdom that should humble us all. It is a teacher far wiser than any human will ever be.

The science of Curanderismo is the ancient knowledge of communicating with spirits for the purpose of survival. The spirits of plants, animals, our ancestors, angels, extraterrestrials, and other beings all become available for contact under the influence of ayahuasca. The majority of information received involves the preparation of plants and natural remedies. Therefore, in addition to spiritual wisdom is a botanical knowledge of plants and technical experience with medicinal plant preparation and administration. Indigenous wisdom still proves to be far wiser than western science in its knowledge of plant use, due to its well developed traditions of communication with the spirits of the plants and elements of their environment.