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Six Week Curandero Initiation Courses

A Traditional Initiation into Curanderismo

The Ayahuasca Curandero Initiation Course is intended for people who want to take their study of the Amazon healing arts more seriously. Students will spend 40 days in the jungle with the Shipibo curandero don Enrique and our team of healers at the Ayahuasca Foundation’s remote Curandero School, drinking ayahuasca in ceremony 18 times or more. At the root of this ayahuasca course, students follow true plant diets with one or two sacred and powerful plants. A major focus of the course is the use of icaros, sung during healings and in ceremonies. Therefore, the Shipibo language is also a focus, as the icaros are sung in Shipibo. This course is held at our Curandero School, located in a different part of the rainforest, and which requires a bus ride and a 45 minute hike into the jungle.

Students follow an intense but abbreviated version of a traditional, authentic shipibo initiation. The accommodations at the jungle curandero school have modern amenities like running water, a gas stove, and limited electricity. There is also limited phone service at the school, but no access to internet. The food will be prepared by our experienced staff, adhering to the traditional diet food eaten during an authentic initiation. Students receive initiate’s clothing made by the shipibo, also according to their tradition. The AF team leads this course with total attention to the students and to the teachings of the science of healing so that everyone sees, hears, experiences, and understands plant spirit healing to the most profound level possible in their six weeks in the Amazon Rainforest. The six week initiation is held three times each year, according to the course schedule.

It takes years to become a true maestro, but with the proper foundation in the principles of plant medicine, students can find their way much more easily down a path that can often times be confusing. The courses provide a basic training in these principles: how to prepare the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca, how to lead ceremonies, connect and communicate with spirits, do proper plant dietas, prepare a numerous variety of plant remedies and administer important treatment methods such as plant baths, vapor baths, purgatives, inhalants, massage, and work done with mapachos and agua florida.

Shipibo curanderos with decades of experience teach the courses, assisted by qualified, english speaking student healers, who translate the lectures and workshops led by the maestros, lead their own lectures and workshops, and contribute other complimentary methods, practices, and perspectives to enhance the learning experience. The opportunity to study in this way is rare but important in an age where the wisdom of these healing traditions is so desperately needed to restore balance to the world. It will take many more healers on the planet to achieve that balance, and the Ayahuasca Foundation strives to educate and train the future healers of the world.

Cost of the Six Week Initiation Course: US $4,250

The $4,250 price includes:

Accommodations for three nights at a hotel in Iquitos
For the first night and last two nights of the course – hotel has wi-fi

Accommodations for 38 nights at the Inkan Kena School
Rustic accommodations with running water and limited electricity

An mp3 player with don Enrique’s icaros to learn
Listening to the icaros is a huge help for learning them

Transportation to and from the School
Comfortable buses take students to the trail to hike in

At least two meals a day, following the ‘dieta’ 
Fresh fruit, juice, eggs, steamed vegetables, rice, lentils, quinoa, grilled fish, potatoes, etc.

Translation of all lectures, presentations, workshops, and discussions
Course assistants will also add their own experiences, teachings, and explanations


Up to 19 traditional ayahuasca ceremonies
There may only be 17 or 18 ceremonies depending on the flow of the course

Hand made ceremonial tunic or ‘cushma’
All made by the shipibo tribe in the traditional style

Medical treatment for any conditions
Don Enrique will attend to all the students’ afflictions

Healing tools like mapachos and agua florida
Essential for the study of curanderismo

USB of photos taken and ceremony recordings from the course
Ceremonies will be recorded and photos will be taken during the course

Many more gifts and educational items that you’ll pick up along the way
You’ll receive other gifts and healing tools as well


Six Week Initiation Course Testimonials

Six Week Initiation Course Schedule:

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October 8 - November 18, 2017 0

An Example Itinerary for the Course:

A Daily Schedule of Workshops, Lectures, and Activities

The content of each course is guided by the plant spirits and catered to the specific group of students participating in that course. Therefore, it is difficult to provide an accurate timeline or schedule. Below is an example of what took place during a previous course and can demonstrate the amount and variety of content covered.


SUNDAY: Arrive and stay in a hotel for one night. Meet the other students and curandero.
MONDAY: Go to curandero school and settle in. Ceremony discussion. CEREMONY #1
TUESDAY: Take a powerful purgative called Sangre de Grado. Dieta discussion.
WEDNESDAY: Begin the first plant dieta with a two day fast. Vapour baths begin. Talk on consciousness. CEREMONY #2
THURSDAY: Tobacco and soplaying/Ceremony preparation workshop with mapacho.
FRIDAY: Have hands painted to signify the diet. Vapor baths begin. CEREMONY #3
SATURDAY: Continue vapor baths. Workshop on healing songs called Icaros. Introduction to mindfulness meditation.


SUNDAY: Continue vapor baths. Icaros workshop. Talk on history of ceremonial tobacco and perfume. CEREMONY #4
MONDAY: Continue vapor baths with students administering them to each other.
TUESDAY: Take second purgative called Pinon Blanco. Workshop on communicating with your diet. CEREMONY #5
WEDNESDAY: Cold water baths preparation and administration. Practice Icaros.
THURSDAY: Plant baths continue. Talk on visions and spirit contact. CEREMONY #6
FRIDAY: Baths continue. Workshop on shipibo language and culture. Icaros workshop.
SATURDAY: Baths continue. Workshop on opening/running a ceremony. CEREMONY #7


SUNDAY: Baths, workshop on ceremony procedure continues. Practice icaros.
MONDAY: Baths. Ceremonial techniques: soplando and chupando. CEREMONY #8
TUESDAY: Workshop on cooking ayahuasca. Students prepare the medicine.
WEDNESDAY: Ayahuasca preparation continues. Practice Icaros. CEREMONY #9
THURSDAY: Finish ayahuasca preparation. Rest and relax.
FRIDAY: First inhalant, preparation and administration. Icaros workshop. CEREMONY #10
SATURDAY: Half way point in course. Review with curandero/assistant healers.


SUNDAY: Begin second diet (optional), starting with a two day fast. CEREMONY #11
MONDAY: The 2nd half of the course features curandero-guided student-led ceremonies. Take third purgative.
TUESDAY: Walk around the camp/jungle learning about plants. CEREMONY #12
WEDNESDAY: Plant remedy workshop: remedies for a variety of conditions. Workshop on the Doctrine of Signatures.
THURSDAY: Students prepare and take second series of cold baths. Practice Icaros. CEREMONY #13
FRIDAY: Another plant walk to learn about plants and their properties and uses. Workshop on plant communication.
SATURDAY: Students prepare another bath. Practice Icaros. Loving/kindness meditation introduced. CEREMONY #14


SUNDAY: Another plant remedy workshop. Plant baths. Icaros, techniques.
MONDAY: Talk on herbalism/household plant rememdies. CEREMONY #15
TUESDAY: Take another powerful purgative and complete the cleansing process.
WEDNESDAY: Workshop for therapeutic massage. Icaros. CEREMONY #16
THURSDAY: Talk about plants contained in all baths, amazonian and international alternatives given.
FRIDAY: Course begins to wind down. Practice and review. CEREMONY #17
SATURDAY: Final questions about the future as healers in their home countries.


SUNDAY: Relax and work on personal areas that need work. CEREMONY #18
MONDAY: Practice the dieta ending dances and icaros. Relax.
TUESDAY: Final ceremony led by curandero. Receive Arcanas. CEREMONY #19
WEDNESDAY: Diet ends with a sacred ceremony. Enjoy delicious food and relax.
THURSDAY: Head back to town and spend the night in Iquitos. Internet, laundry, etc.
FRIDAY: Shopping for needed items like palo santo, sangre de grado, or gifts.
SATURDAY: Receive course certificates and DVDs. Say your goodbyes…

Each course is different and the itinerary is subject to change according to the flow of the course. Daily routines that include meditation, yoga, or other disciplines will be offered. The plants used in the dietas, baths, vapor baths, and remedies are all subject to change for each course. Material may be added or changed, and the order of workshops and discussions may also change for any particular course. We continue to improve the course each time, so the changes may not yet be reflected on the website.

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