Shipibo Maestro don Enrique

Healer, Teacher, Course Leader

“Don Enrique… adjectives don’t describe him. He is by far one of the most passionate, amazing people I have ever met in my life. He is a true teacher. I guess all I can do is just smile and that should say enough about how much of a powerful person he is. He will guide you, he will help you through the toughest times. He knows exactly what you need. Just trust him. He’s there for you.”
– David

“Don Enrique is not from this world. He is amazing. He is so powerful, so caring, and loving. You can tell he really wants to help people. He really wants to spread his healing energy to every single one in the group and he gives a lot of himself.”
– Nick

“Don Enrique is an incredible man. His smile is infectious. He has this genuine caring for each of us, and he gives us the time. His heart is in it and he loves us and it’s a beautiful thing to see.”
– Allison

“Enrique puts a lot of energy into what he does. He works very hard in the ceremonies and outside the ceremonies. He spends a lot of time helping us prepare with the icaros and spends a lot of time talking about plant medicine and some about the culture of ayahuasca and the shipibo people. He put a lot of time and energy into it and I really appreciate it.”
– Gary

“Don Enrique is the most generous person I have ever encountered. He has made many sacrifices in his life in order to heal people, who is knowledgeable and so wonderful at what he does, and who has helped me tremendously. I had a lot of insight and I think that I will be living my life in a much simpler way. I think I have learned to let go of many useless things and many useless habits and attitudes and I think my life will be simpler and lighter and nicer. “
– Anne Marie

“Don Enrique is a master healer. He is a beautiful human with a huge heart. He’s a true teacher. He wants to share his power, his vision, he just wants to put it on us and let us heal the world. I feel completely safe drinking with him and honored to be working with him. His work is just so potent to the core, enabling. He’s a beautiful, beautiful person and a master curandero.”
– Kieron